July 14, 2024


All About USSD codes In Nigeria

USSD codes are one of the smartest ways to perform transactions easily even with non-smart phones. Used by all sections like, government, telecommunications, banks and others


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CBN Bank Codes In Nigeria( List Of All Bank Codes)

With the overbearing need for better and faster banking services, CBN bank codes have become a payment method that has come to stay. 

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Kuda USSD Code *894#(Check balance, for airtime, transfer)

Kuda is a digital and mobile banking platform popularly known for its free services offered to customers. Since its inception, the bank has prioritized easy and affordable banking.

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How To Activate Ussd Code For Zenith Bank*966#(With or without ATM and its USES)

Gone are the days when you had to be physically present in a bank to initiate a transaction. Banks have devised a means for internet and non-internet banking, all in a bid to improve banking services and make customers bank easily, whenever and wherever.

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