July 14, 2024
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Kuda is a digital and mobile banking platform popularly known for its free services offered to customers. Since its inception, the bank has prioritized easy and affordable banking. The London-headquartered bank is duly registered as a microfinance bank with the CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria). It is a popular microfinance bank in Nigeria due to its online presence.

Kuda bank customers have used mobile app banking over time; they make transfers, pay bills, buy airtime, save, and even collect loans. To improve banking service, Kuda bank has partnered with other commercial banks in Nigeria to serve their customers well and to establish interbank relationships with them.

Kuda USSD code gives customers a stress-less banking experience. You can buy airtime, pay bills, and transfer by dialling a code on your mobile phone. NigeriaUSSDcodes will explain how to use the Kuda USSD code.

Does Kuda Bank Have USSD?

Recently, we wrote about the USSD Code For Ecobank and a lot of readers at Nigeriaussdcode asked if Kuda also have a USSD code, here is the thing although Kuda bank does not have a USSD code, it has liaised with other banks to make transactions easy. To use the Kuda bank code, you need to download the app on the play store or App store. Enter the necessary details and upload all required documents. You must use an active phone number for the registration to receive alerts on your phone.

Kuda USSD Code To Check Balance

Like other banks, you can check your Kuda bank balance on the mobile app, not with a USSD. Once you open the Kuda mobile App, your balance is displayed on the home app. So to check your balance, open your mobile app to see the balance.

Kuda USSD Code For Airtime

You can only buy airtime on the Kuda mobile App. To purchase airtime, go to your Mobile App. Below are steps for buying airtime on Kuda App.

Step 1: At the bottom-left corner of your screen, you have several options like home, cards, payments, budgets, and others.

Step 2: Click on payments.

Step 3: A list of options will pop up; select ‘buy airtime.’

Step 4: Input the number you want to recharge; make sure the number is correct.

Step 5: Click your mobile network.

Step 6: At the top right corner of your screen, click the ‘next’ option to proceed.

Step 7: Authorize the transaction by inputting the 6-digit pin or your fingerprint.

Kuda USSD Code For Account Opening

To open a Kuda account, you need to download the Kuda App on your google play store or App store. You must be/have the following requirements before you can open a Kuda account.

  • A citizen of Nigeria.
  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Have a phone that is compatible with the updated version of the Kuda App.
  • A working phone number and email address.

Kuda has two types of accounts: Basic and Full KYC accounts. Both accounts require a name, phone number, and BVN, except that the Full KYC account requires a valid ID card like a national ID card or passport, voters Card, and driver’s Licence.

There are no limits to daily transaction amounts. Unlike the basic account, you can transact up to N1,000,000 daily.

To open a Kuda bank account:

  • Download the Kuda app.
  • Open it and select the sign-up option.
  • Choose the kind of account you want to open.
  • Fill in the necessary details such as name, phone number, and email address.
  • If you chose the Full basic account, fill in any ID details of your choice.
  • Add your BVN.
  • Then click submit.

You have successfully created a Kuda bank account.

Kuda USSD Code For Transfer

After opening your Kuda bank account, you can start sending and receiving money. Customers can deposit money through a ‘cash deposit’ on their mobile app and send money from other bank accounts to their Kuda accounts. To make a cash deposit into your Kuda bank account, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Go to your Kuda bank app’s dashboard and click add money.

Step 2: Click cash deposit.

Step 3: Enter the bank you are transferring the money.

Step 4: Adhere to the prompts on your screen to complete the transaction.

To transfer money to your Kuda account from other banks, you need to use the bank code from which you are moving the money. The transfer will only work if you have an account with the bank. Your phone number also has to be linked to the account number.

How To Send Money To Your Kuda Account Using First Bank USSD

The First bank USSD transfer code is *894*amount*kuda account number#. If you wish to transfer 8,000, for instance, from your Zenith bank account to your Kuda bank account, you’ll dial *894*8,000*1111222233#.

Enter your First bank USSD 4-digit pin to authorize the transaction. The transfer is successful.

How To Transfer To My Kuda Account Using Zenith Bank USSD

Follow the steps below to transfer money to your Kuda account using your Zenith bank USSd code.

Step 1: Press *966*amount*Kuda account number# on your phone’s keypad.

Step 2: Select Kuda Bank.

Step 3: Authorize the transaction by entering your Zenith Bank USSD pin.

How To Transfer To My Kuda Account Using GTBank USSD

To move money from your GTBank account to your Kuda account, carry out the following.

Step 1: Dial *737*50*amount*416#

Step 2: Input your Kuda bank account.

Step 3: Finalize the transaction by entering your GTBank USSD pin.


Kuda bank is a popular digital bank in Nigeria with a large customer base. The bank offers 25 free transactions monthly and charges N10 after exceeding the limit. Kuda bank wants you to have an effortless banking experience; hence they have partnered with top commercial banks in Nigeria.

All Kuda bank transactions take place on the Kuda bank mobile app; the USSD service is currently unavailable. But you can use your other bank USSD codes to transfer to your Kuda bank account.

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