July 14, 2024
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Gone are the days when you had to be physically present in a bank to initiate a transaction. Banks have devised a means for internet and non-internet banking, all in a bid to improve banking services and make customers bank easily, whenever and wherever.

Zenith bank launched the Eazy Banking feature to give customers a smooth and remote banking experience. The Eazy Banking code is *966#, also the USSD code. You can activate the code on your mobile phone without an internet connection.

Activating the Zenith bank USSD code is the first step to easy banking. After activating the USSD code, you can buy airtime, pay utility bills, and transfer money. No waiting in a long queue; your banking needs are met on weekends or public holidays. This article will guide you on activating the Zenith bank USSD code on your device.

How To Activate USSD Code For Zenith Bank With Atm Card

Banking services have greatly improved. You can conveniently activate your Zenith bank USSD code with your ATM card. Before that, you must have a bank account with Zenith Bank, a phone, an active phone number that is linked to your account, and an ATM card.

The following are steps to activate your Zenith bank USSD code using your ATM card.

Step 1: Dial *996# on your mobile phone.

N/B: You must use the phone number associated with your Zenith Bank Account.

Step 2: Input your ten digits account number.

Step 3: Input the last four numbers on your ATM card.

Step 4: You will be asked to create a 4-digit unique pin to approve your transactions on the USSD platform. The pin is exclusively meant for you.

N/B: The code must be a combination of numbers you can easily remember. It should be undisclosed, as transactions may occur on your accounts without you knowing if it is known.

Step 5: Verify your details.

Your Zenith bank USSD code has been successfully activated. You can now enjoy effortless banking.

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How To Activate USSD Code For Zenith Bank Without ATM Card

Zenith bank will always request the last 4-digits of your ATM card during USSD code activation. To successfully activate your eazybanking pin, you need an ATM card. You can apply for a Mastercard, Visa, or Verve card at the nearest Zenith bank to your residence if you are yet to get one.

After getting your card, follow the simple steps below to activate your USSD pin.

Step 1: To begin, dial the Zenith bank eazybanking code – *966#

Step 2: Type in your account number. Confirm that the ten digits are correct.

Step 3: Type the last four numbers on your ATM.

N/B: You must be very discrete with your ATM card. No third party, except authorized by you, should have your card or even know the pin. Intruders can initiate a transaction on your account using card numbers or your ATM pin.

Step 4: To complete transactions on the eazybanking medium, you must create a 4-digit pin. Enter your desired four numbers. Ensure that you will not forget the numbers.

Step 5: Cross-check all information and your USSD code has been activated.

How To Activate USSD Code For Zenith Bank On Phone

Activating your Zenith bank USSD code has to be done on your phone, irrespective of your mobile network. You don’t require an internet connection for this activation. You can activate this on your Android device or iPhone.

The activation is simple; after each step, a prompt follows for the next action. Follow the instructions below to activate your Zenith bank USSD code.

Step 1: On your keypad, dial *996#.

Step 2: Enter your account number.

Step 3: Create your unique pin that will permit your USSD transactions.

Step 4: Ensure that your details are correct. You have completed your USSD activation.

Zenith Bank USSD Transfer Code

The Zenith bank USSD transfer code is *966*00#. You have to activate it before you can start transferring. The activation steps are:

Step 1: Dial *966*00#.

Step 2: Input the last 4-digit of your debit card.

Step 3: Input a 4-digit pin of your choice and confirm it.

Step 4:There will be a confirmation message delivered to your phone. Your Zenith bank USSD transfer code has been activated.

After activating your USSD code, you can start inter and intra-bank transfers, pay bills, check your account balance, and buy airtime/data anytime. You don’t need to stay in queues or wait for working days before you can successfully transact. During unforeseen contingencies, your banking operations can still be done.

Follow the steps below to make transfers using the Zenith bank USSD transfer code.

Step 1: To start, dial *966*amount*receiver’s account number#. For example, *966*2000*0000111122#.

Step 2: Input the 4-digit pin to complete your transaction.

Step 3: The receiver’s details will show up on your screen so that you can confirm.

Step 4: Check the details to be sure they are correct. Then send.

Note that the Zenith Bank USSD code works on the following telecommunications in Nigeria MTN, Glo, 9mobile, and Airtel. You have to link one of the mobile networks to your Zenith bank account before activation can be successful.


Zenith bank is among the first banks in Nigeria to initiate a USSD code transaction, making customers’ banking experience smooth and easy. You must have a Zenith bank account, an active phone number linked to your account, a debit card, and a mobile device.

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