June 25, 2024

As the leading network provider in Nigeria, MTN has significantly shaped the telecommunication landscape over the past three decades. Their pioneering role in the industry, coupled with a vast subscriber base, necessitates user-friendly services. This guide is dedicated to providing you with comprehensive methods to swiftly and efficiently check your MTN number.

With technology’s rapid advancement, dual-sim phones have become the norm, creating a need for easy access to phone numbers. This article aims to simplify the process of checking your MTN number online. Whether you’re a tech-savvy individual or just beginning your digital journey, these methods are designed to be straightforward and accessible.

How To Check Your MTN Number

MTN provides several user-friendly options to check your number online. This section delves into the most efficient methods available, ensuring you can access your phone number with ease and convenience.

Code to check MTN number

The simplest method to retrieve your MTN number is by using a specific USSD code. This code is designed to be easy to remember and quick to use, providing instant access to your number.

MTN self-help service

MTN’s self-help service portal is another convenient way to manage your account and check your phone number. Available round the clock, this service exemplifies MTN’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Request call back

MTN’s unique call-me-back feature is a free service that allows you to receive your number through an automated callback. This method is particularly useful in situations where you need your number urgently.

Call your friends

While not the most efficient under emergency circumstances, calling a friend to ask for your number is a viable option. This method, however, requires that you have sufficient airtime.

Use customer service

MTN’s customer service is always available to assist with various inquiries, including retrieving your phone number. This method is especially convenient for users who prefer personalized assistance.

USSD Code To Check Your MTN Number

MTN has streamlined the process of checking your phone number with easy-to-use USSD codes. This feature is especially useful for those who prefer a quick and straightforward method to access their information.

To check your MTN number, dial *123#. This code opens a menu with various options, including the ability to view your number. Alternatively, you can dial *123*1*1# or *663# directly to display your number without navigating through the menu.

MTN Self-service

The MTN self-service portal and mobile app offer a comprehensive suite of services, including the ability to check your phone number. These platforms are designed for ease of use, providing a convenient way to manage your MTN account.

To access the service, send a text message with the word ‘Care’ to 5018, and you’ll receive a link to download the myMTN App. Alternatively, you can directly download the myMTN App from the Google Play Store.

Request Call Back

MTN’s innovative ‘Call Me Back’ feature allows you to receive your phone number through a simple callback request. This method is particularly helpful when you need to know your number quickly and without cost.

To use this feature, dial *133# and follow the prompts to select the call-back option. This service is free and easy to use, making it a popular choice among MTN users.

Call Your Friends

If you’re not in an urgent situation and have airtime available, calling a friend to ask for your MTN number is a practical solution. While this method is straightforward, it is dependent on having airtime and may not be suitable in emergency scenarios.

Use Customer Service

MTN’s customer service is an excellent resource for various inquiries, including finding out your phone number. This method offers personalized assistance, adding a human touch to the service experience.

To access MTN’s customer service, visit the official MTN website or use the customer service feature on the myMTN App. A strong data connection is required for this method.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I check my MTN number using another method?

While the methods listed in this article are among the most efficient and effective, there may be other ways to check your MTN number. However, these are recommended for their reliability and ease of use.

Can I dial a USSD code if I don’t have airtime?

Typically, dialing a USSD code requires having some airtime. However, MTN allows you to borrow airtime for such purposes, provided you do not have outstanding debts on the network.

Can I use two MTN SIMs on one phone?

Yes, if your phone supports dual SIM functionality, you can use two MTN SIMs simultaneously.


This comprehensive guide has outlined various methods to check your MTN number, catering to different preferences and situations. From USSD codes to customer service, these methods ensure that you can access your number easily and efficiently.

We encourage you to revisit this guide as needed and utilize the method that best suits your circumstances. For further queries, feel free to reach out in the comments section below.

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