February 23, 2024
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Today we will be talking about the USSD code for unity bank and all you need to know about it. Unity bank has given their customers a unique code that can be used for a lot of transactions without coming to the bank or with the use of the mobile network, this USSD code *7799# has really helped a lot of customers from stressing themselves the bank because they can easily do any type of transaction they want to do on their mobile phone without the use of internet connection.

With the use of this USSD code, one can use it to make transfers, buy airtimes, subscribe to Gotv, and Dstv, start time, and pay utility bills, you can also have access to it easing anywhere anyhow.

How To Activate For Unity USSD Code

Before one can activate the USSD code, one has an open bank account with unity bank before one can use the *7799# code.

  • After opening an account with unity bank, you can now dial *7799# on your mobile phone with the phone number you use to register your account.
  • Follow the instruction given to you on your phone screen
  • Enter your account number and other details that are asked
  • Create your four-digit pin
  • Reconfirm the pin again
  • Then you can now use your code to do any type of transaction anywhere.

Unity Bank Transfer Code Activation

After activating your USSD code you can now make a transfer with it to Unity bank or other banks.

  • To make a transfer to unity bank just dial *7799*1*Account number*Amount# (*7799*001286458*6000#) using the phone number you used in registering your account.
  • To make a transfer from unity bank to other banks simply dial *7799*2*Account number*Amount# (*7799*0108864721*2000#) using your registered phone number.

Unity Bank USSD Code To Check Balance

To check your account balance with the USSD code:

  • Simply dial *7799# on your mobile phone with  your registered phone number
  • Select Check Balance on the menu shown on your screen
  • Enter your 4-digit pin
  • Wait for 1sec your account balance will be shown to you

Or just dial *7799*0# on your mobile phone.

Unity Bank USSD Code For Recharge

To recharge your phone with airtime

  • Just dial *7799*Amount on your mobile phone i.e (*7799*500#)
  • If you want to recharge for a third party, simply dial *7799*phone number*amount# (*7799*08081543201*2000)

Unity Bank Codes

Unity bank has different codes that are helpful and useful for each transaction, we will be stating the codes and what they are used for;

Transfer Code: *7799*1*Account number*amount# for other banks *7799*2*account number*amount#

Funding Bet9ja Wallet: Dial *7799*403*bet9ja ID number#

Self recharge: Dial *7799*Amount#

Top Up For Third Party: Dial *7799*Phone number*amount#

Check Balance: *7799*0#

Verification of BVN: Dial *7799*5#

To Block Account: *7799*9*Phone number

USSD On POS: *7799*000*RefiD#

Cashless Withdrawal: *7799*8*Amount#

DSTV Subscription

DSTV Access (2000): *7799*32*smart card*1#

DSTV Compact (6800): *7799*32*smart card*2#

DSTV Compact Plus (10650): *7799*32*smartcard*3#

DSTV Family (4000): *7799*32*smart card*4#

DSTV Premium (15800): *7799*32*smart card*5#

GOTV Subscription

GOTV Lite (400): *7799*33*smart card*1#

GOTV Max (3200): *7799*33*smart card*2#

GOTV Plus (1900): *7799*33*smart card*3#

GOTV Value (1250): *7799*33*smart card *4#

USSD Code For Eko Electricity Distribution Prepaid

To pay for Eko electricity distribution prepaid simply dial *7799*4*meter number*amount#.

USSD Code For Ikeja Electricity Prepaid

Dial *7799*5*meter number*amount# to pay for prepaid Ikeja electricity.

How To Check Your Account Number With USSD

To confirm your account number you can use the USSD code to see it:

  • Dialing *7799# on your mobile phone with the registered phone number.
  • Click on Account Number on the option displayed on your screen
  • Enter your 4-digit pin
  • Your account details will display on your screen but not that this will cost you some charges.

Deactivating Your Unity USSD Code

If you misplace your phone or you don’t want to use the unity bank code again, you can easily deactivate your account by dialing *7799*911#.

Why Am I Having Troubles While Using Unity USSD Code?

You might be having trouble while using the USSD code but not to worry it is just for the main time, here are some problems you might want to pass through:

  • The USSD code sometimes has poor network connection due to the place or area you are in at that moment, that is why you have to be in the area where the network is strong.
  • If by chance you have not activated your unity USSD code is possible for you to be passing through hard times to use the code for transactions.
  • If you make use of a phone number that is not registered with unity bank is possible that you not be able to use the USSD code.

Advantage Of USSD Code For Unity Bank

  • Unity USSD code is an easy, fast, and reliable way of making a transaction
  • You can use USSD code without an internet connection
  • It saves time and stress
  • You can make use of the USSD code on any type of phone
  • You can make any type of transaction with the USSD.


In Conclusion, the use of the USSD Code for unity bank is very easy to make any type of transaction, we have stated the different codes unity bank is using and the function of the codes. Now we can now activate and deactivate our Unity USSD code without going to the bank.

Thank you for reading, you can drop your questions or comments in the comment section.

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