June 25, 2024
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In this digital era, our lives have been made easier with technology, and banking is no exception. The USSD code, especially the FCMB USSD code, plays a significant role in this transformation. But what is this code all about?

What is USSD Code?

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD), also known as “Quick Codes,” is a protocol used by GSM cellular phones to communicate directly with the service provider’s computers. It’s similar to SMS but operates in real-time, making it quicker and more interactive.

Importance of USSD Code

USSD codes have grown in importance as they offer a variety of benefits, such as instant access to services, without the need for an internet connection. In the banking sector, they have been game-changers, allowing users to perform various banking transactions simply using their mobile phones.

What is FCMB USSD Code?

First City Monument Bank (FCMB) has joined this digital revolution by providing its customers with a USSD code: *329#. This code enables FCMB customers to carry out a host of banking operations directly from their mobile phones without an internet connection.

How to Activate It

Activating the FCMB code is quite simple. All you need is a registered phone number with the bank. Dial *329#, follow the prompt, create a unique pin, and voila, you’re set to start your easy mobile banking journey.


The *329# USSD code lets you check your FCMB account balance, transfer funds to any Nigerian bank, purchase airtime, and even pay your utility bills.


Using the FCMB code brings several benefits that make banking transactions more efficient.

Convenience and Ease of Use

With the USSD code, banking is at your fingertips. It offers the convenience of transacting anywhere, anytime without the hassle of visiting the bank or looking for an ATM.

Security and Control

The USSD banking service is secure. Your unique PIN protects all transactions, giving you complete control over your banking operations.


USSD banking is accessible on all types of mobile phones, whether smart or feature, ensuring that all FCMB customers can enjoy this service.

24/7 Access

Regardless of the time of day or night, the FCMB USSD service is available to you.

No Internet Required

The FCMB USSD code operates without internet access, making it perfect for locations with poor or no internet connection.

Some FCMB USSD Codes

Using the FCMB USSD code is quite simple. Here are some common ways it can be used.

For Account Balance Enquiry

Want to know your account balance? Just dial *329*00#

For Money Transfer

Need to send money quickly? Just dial *329*Amount*Account number#. You will need to input your secure PIN, and the transaction will be completed in no time.

For Airtime Purchase

Run out of airtime? Just dial *329*Amount# to recharge your phone. You can also purchase airtime for others by dialing *329*Amount*Mobile number#.

For Bill Payments

Paying bills is hassle-free with the FCMB code. Dial *329*2# and follow the prompts to make various bill payments, including electricity, cable TV, and more.

How to use The Codes

Dialing the Code

Usage begins with dialing *329#. This command prompts a menu with various options corresponding to the services provided.

Entering Transaction Details

Once you’ve selected a service, you’ll be asked to enter the details of the transaction, such as the amount and the recipient account number (if applicable).

You’ll then be asked to enter your secure 4-digit pin to authorize the transaction. Once entered, the transaction is processed immediately.

Security Tips

Importance of Secure Usage

It’s essential to ensure your transactions remain secure to prevent unauthorized access to your account. Hence, safe usage is crucial.

Steps for Secure Usage

Always ensure to keep your pin private. Do not share it with anyone, not even FCMB staff. If you suspect your pin has been compromised, promptly change it.

Troubleshooting Common Issues with FCMB Code

Despite the ease and convenience, you might face occasional issues while using code. The common problems are often related to wrong PIN entries, network errors, or account restrictions due to incomplete documentation. If you face any problems, just call FCMB customer care for immediate resolution.


Potential Concerns

While the USSD code is extremely useful, it’s important to remember that transaction limits apply, and certain types of transactions may not be supported.


In conclusion, FCMB USSD code brings simplicity, convenience, and security to your banking transactions. With just a few taps on your phone, you can perform a variety of banking operations. No need for an internet connection or even a smartphone, making banking more accessible to all.

Embrace this digital way of banking, and experience a new world of possibilities with FCMB Code.


1. Can I use The code without an internet connection?

Yes, FCMB code operates without an internet connection.

2. Is it secure to use FCMB code for banking transactions?

Absolutely! All your transactions are secured with a unique PIN that only you know.

3. What should I do if I forget my FCMB code PIN?

If you forget your PIN, you can reset it by dialing *329#, selecting the ‘Self-service’ option, and following the prompts.

4. Can I use FCMB code on any mobile phone?

Yes, the FCMB USSD code can be used on any mobile phone, whether it’s a smartphone or a feature phone.

5. What happens if I enter the wrong pin?

If you enter the wrong pin three times, the USSD service will be blocked to prevent unauthorized access. You’ll need to contact FCMB customer service to unblock it.

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