June 25, 2024
How To Check NIN Number with ussd code

In today’s article, we will be discussing the NIN USSD code and how to check the NIN number with the use of ussd code. Many people may be wondering if NIN has a USSd code! Yes, there is a USSD code for NIN you can also you the code to retrieve your lost NIN and do other things too. This code is open to all networks it does not select the type of network needed, all networks like MTN, AIRTEL, GLO, and so on can use this code.

What Is NIN?

National identification number (NIN) is compulsory and mandatory for all Nigerian citizens and legal residents, this NIN is issued by the National identity management commission (NIMC) the NIMC issues NIN for Nigerians and their identity, data, and other necessary information will be asked to complete the processing and then you will be given a card which will contain your name, address and other of your information with your NIN number.

This NIN will be mandatory for everyone it has no age restrictions, which is why Nigerian citizens should have their NIN.

How To Check NIN Number

If by mistake you lost or misplaced your NIN and you want to check it without going to any agent’s office you can quickly check it on your mobile phone with the NIN USSD code *346#.

This code is available on any network one might be using and it is the same method to check it on all types of networks (MTN, AIRTEL, GLO). To check your NIN number kindly follow the steps below:

  • Step 1. Simply dial the code *346# on your mobile phone
  • Step 2. Make sure you use the phone number you use in registering for your NIN
  • Step 3. Select option 1
  • Step 4. Follow the instruction displayed on your phone
  • Step 5. After following the instructions, your NIN number will display on your phone.

NOTE: This USSD code will only work on a registered SIM, you will not be able to check your NIN with a phone number that is not registered also this service is not FREE, you will be charged for the service and the charging cost is 20NAIRA only which will be charged from your airtime.

How To Retrieve NIN Number Without Phone Number

Many may be asking if it is possible for us to retrieve our NIN number without a phone number, Yes it is possible for us to retrieve our NIN without the use of a phone number.

If you have lost your registered phone number or your NIN number you can still retrieve it without the use of the USSD code, Here are the steps you need to follow to retrieve your NIN number without the use of the USSD:

  • Locate your nearest NIN enrolment center, it is best for you to locate the one you do your registration with.
  • If you cannot locate the one you have done your registration, you can still use the one closest to you.
  • Go there with your misplaced phone number.
  • You will be asked to fingerprint again
  • They can now reprint your NIN number
  • This service will be charged #500 or more depending on the place.

You can also check your NIN number with the app if only you have registered your android or iOS phone with the NIMC application.

NOTE: Your NIN carries most of your vital information which can be used for fraud or to scam you, so one needs to be very careful not to disclose or share your NIN number with anyone, after retrieving your NIN number without a phone number is best for you to change your registered number that was misplaced so as to avoid any form of fraudulence.

To achieve that you need to meet your agent and ask him/her to help you change your phone number, this will also cost #500 for the changing of the phone number. After this make sure you keep your NIN well and never disclose it to anyone.

Code To Check NIN On Phone

The code to check or retrieve your NIN number is simple and short simply dial *346# on your mobile phone then follow the instruction given, and your NIN number will be displayed on your mobile phone.

This code is available on all networks and it does not require an internet connection before having access to it, you will only be charged #20 Naira only from your airtime on your mobile phone.

NIN Code

Simply dial *346# on your phone with the phone number that was used for the NIN registration.


In conclusion, we know the NIN USSD code and how to check our NIN with the use of the code, we can also check our NIN without the use of a phone number, let us be mindful of how and where to keep our NIN cause it can be easily used for fraud without you knowing which can cause a great problem that one will not expect, *346# is simple, fast and easy to use. Thank you for reading, you can drop your comment or questions in the comment section.

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