February 23, 2024
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Welcome to NigeriaUSSDcodes, today we will be talking about everything about Kuda Bank, how to check balance, kuda bank cbn code, make transfers, and other full details of the bank … This is going to be full of details about Kuda bank, its USSD, and how it works.

Kuda Bank Nigeria

A few years ago two very creative and productive people Babs Ogundeyi and Musty Mustapha launch an app for just saving online which later transform into their dream come through Kuda bank.

Because of the fact that the Kuda bank comes from a savings app when they gain a License from the Central Bank of Nigeria to start operating as a Microfinance bank in Nigeria, they now deal with all other banks overcharging by providing an almost free banking system in Nigeria where you perform a lot of transactions free of charge and lot of recurring charges and maintenance banks and microfinance banks do deduct was eliminated.

Kuda bank’s Saving origin really make a lot of impact on apple and people using it by implementing a lot of saving features and spending limits and tracking for its users to make it more useful to use more than just a Microfinance bank

There are a lot of achievements Kuda bank has overcome and changed a lot of things for the better more than the normal bank which makes it look like overhype… But wait… it is not over hype today we will be sharing with you a lot of functions, uses, features and of cuss its ussd codes.

How does kuda bank work

Kuda bank generally works like the normal Nigeria Local banks but they operate digitally. Though they have physical offices and branches their operation is highly online. You can easily open Kuda bank online without stepping into any of their branches.

If you want to join kuda bank or open kuda bank, you just need to download the kuda bank app and then sign up with your details as it is in your official documents, ID card, also Talley with information on your BVN because to be able to enjoy all kuda bank features you need to input your BVN and verify it.

Once you do all that then you will get your kuda account number to use to operate all your banking activities

Think gets a lot easier when you are using kuda bank. No queen … You can easily fill in card details in your kuda app to collect your kuda debit card and after filling their representative will bring the card to your doorstep at home… That is easy and makes life easier…

With your Kuda card, you can do everything other banks’ debit card is doing maybe withdraw with an ATM, pay bills with it or link it to shop online other things.

You can do everything on the kuda app that other local bank app does on their apps like transfer money, pay bills, and some other additional cool features that are on the kuda app and not on other banks, and these features will be discussed in this article

But how did kuda bank make money? They make money from commissions on bills like data, airtime, multichoice, and also through investment with the collective deposit just like all other banks but did not overcharge on unnecessary charges other banks charges.

Features and Benefits Of Kuda Banks

There are a lot of features and benefits of kuda bank which are very useful for everybody’s financial life.

Imaging you having and using a bank card with no maintenance fee

Your card will be delivered to you as said earlier for free

The bank also has 3 very awesome saving features:
The Kuda Spend + Save – This features auto-saves money for you whenever you spend and you can spend any time with no restriction.
Flexible Savings– Here you get over 10% annual interest when you save daily, weekly, or even monthly in achieving a goal stated by yourself
Fixed Savings– Here you get 15% interest annually when you fix some particular amount of your money in fat you can fix 5,000. You set the tenor you want to use to save yourself and when the tenor elapses your accumulated funds will be disbursed to your kuda balance though you can also break it before the tenor but with a charge for one-time lump sum savings.


  • Another benefit of kuda bank is the budgeting creation and managing spending with the app easily
  • Do you know you also get 25 free transfers to other banks monthly?
  • They cherish your financial life which let them build the app in a way that will breakdown and analyze your finance
  • You withdraw from all ATMs at no extra cost
  • Blocking cards is even made easy in case of stealing an atm card or misplaced
  • They also have fantastic USSD code features with other banks: We will be discussing a lot of features on ussd in the next subheadings

kuda bank cbn code

On the kuda bank cbn code, they have several USSD codes for depositing money to their bank from other banks which I will be discussing in the next subheading. But basically, they did not have their own unique USSD code to perform outside transactions but they do receive money with ussd codes. So let’s talk about kuda bank transfer codes

kuda bank cbn code Requirments

It is very easy to deposit money to your kuda bank using USSD codes but you need to follow or have some requirements that must be fulfilled.

There are some things you need to have done

  1. The first and most important thing here is that you need to have verified your BVN to be able to deposit money into your kuda account
  2. 100k is the free deposit fee limit after exceed you will need to pay a very minute limit as a gateway fee

I don’t think there are many things to do again about this after you have checked these requirements and you are fully registered with kuda bank then you are free to go! Then follow the following USSD codes

How to use Kuda Bank USSD code in depositing to your account (Steps)

Step 1: The first step is definitely opening your kuda bank app

Step 2: You need to select ‘add money from the app

Step3: Type the amount you want to deposit

Step4: Select the right USSD codes now

Last step: Now follow the prompts to complete

Kuda Bank Transfer Codes

Depending on the bank you want to transfer money from to your kuda bank we are going to state a few banks below

UBA: *919*4*kuda account number# 

FCMB : *329*amount*kuda account number#

GTBank: * 737*50*amount*416# 

First Bank: *894*amount*kuda account number#

Zenith Bnak: *966*amount*Kuda account number#

Wema Bank: *945# This is quite easy! Dial the code then select send money than other banks. Input your kuda account number and follow the prompts

Access Bnak: *901*1*amount*kuda account number#

How to deposit money in kuda account By Cash

You can easily add money to kuda bank by cash if you did not want to use it through ussd codes but this will still be with the help of another bank but through the kuda app.

First Step: Open your kuda app and select ‘Add money from the dashboard

Second step: You will need to click ‘cash deposit’

Step three: Select the bank you want to use to add money to your kuda app

Last step: This last step is easy just follow the prompt.

Let’s quickly cover some Frequently Asked Questions about Kuda Bank and its Ussd codes

FAQ : About Kuda Bank Transfer Codes

is kuda bank registered with cbn?

Yes! Kuda bank is registered with CBN

kuda bank branches in Nigeria

Kuda bank has two head offices presently one in Nigeria, Lagos Office: 151 Herbert Macaulay Way, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria the other one at London 5 New Street Square, London, EC4A 3TW, UK

How to download kuda bank app?

You can easily download kuda bank app for Andriod users and download the kuda app for IOS

is kuda bank legit?

Kuda bank is legit. They have over 2 million customers, they operate legally and have offices, and also they are licensed by the Central Bank Of Nigeria

What is kuda bank customer care number?

This is the Kuda customer care number 0700022555832. You can also mail them at [email protected] or visit any of their branches.

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