July 14, 2024
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Hello there! Have you ever found yourself in a bind where you urgently needed to make a call, send a message, or use data on your Glo network, but you couldn’t because you didn’t know the right code to dial? Well, not to worry. In this guide, we’re going to explore all the Glo codes you need to know.

Glo codes are a series of digits that Glo network users dial to access various services. They fall into various categories, such as data codes, call codes, SMS codes, airtime transfer codes, and bundle codes. Each type serves a unique purpose, making your Glo network experience smoother and more convenient.

How to Use

Glo codes are simple to use. All you need to do is dial the code directly on your mobile phone’s dialer, just like you would when making a call, and press the call button. Your request will be processed immediately.

List of Glo Codes

Glo Data Codes

You might want to check your data balance, subscribe to a data plan, or gift data to a friend. Here are the data codes that you need:

  • Check data balance: *127*0#
  • Subscribe to a data plan: *777#
  • Gift data to a friend: *127*3#

Glo Call Codes

For making calls, checking call balance, or subscribing to call bundles, use the following codes:

  • Check call balance: #124*1#
  • Call bundles subscription: *200#

Glo SMS Codes

For all things SMS-related, such as checking your balance or subscribing to an SMS bundle, these codes will come in handy:

  • Check SMS balance: *123*8#
  • SMS bundles subscription: *888#

Glo Airtime Transfer Codes

You might want to share airtime with friends or loved ones. For airtime transfers, dial:

  • Transfer airtime: *131*Phone Number*Amount*Pin#

Balance Enquiry

To check your Glo balance, simply dial #124#

Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Packages

There are different codes for daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly packages. For example, to subscribe to a daily plan, you would dial *777#

Glo Recharge Codes

To recharge your Glo line, dial *123*PIN#.

Glo Customer Service Codes

To reach Glo customer service, dial 121 or 200 directly.

How to Troubleshoot Glo Codes

Occasionally, you may encounter an issue while using these codes. The most common problem is dialing a wrong code. In such cases, double-check the code to ensure you’ve entered it correctly. If the issue persists, you can reach out to Glo customer care by dialing 121.

Important Tips to Remember

While Glo ussd codes are easy to use, it’s crucial to remember that some of them might trigger a charge on your account. Always ensure you understand what a specific code does before dialing it. Also, keep your airtime transfer PIN private to prevent unauthorized access.


Glo codes are undoubtedly indispensable tools for every Glo network user. Whether you’re subscribing to a data plan, checking your balance, or transferring airtime, these codes ensure you can perform tasks quickly and easily. As technology evolves, Glo codes will likely become more streamlined and user-friendly. Keep an eye out for any changes or new codes introduced by the network.

FAQs about Glo Codes

  1. How can I change my Glo airtime transfer PIN?To change your Glo airtime transfer PIN, dial *132*old pin*new pin*new pin#.
  2. Can I use these codes on any mobile device?Yes, these codes are not device-specific and can be used on any mobile device that uses the Glo network.
  3. Are these codes free to use?Yes, the codes are free to use. However, transactions made using the codes might attract charges.
  4. How can I contact Glo customer service?You can contact Glo customer service by dialing 121.
  5. What happens if I dial a wrong code?If you dial a wrong code, you’ll receive an error message. Simply re-enter the correct code.
  6. What is the code to check my Glo number?
    You can dial *135*8# to check your Glo number.
  7. How do I subscribe to Glo night plan?
    To subscribe to a Glo night plan, dial *777# and follow the prompts.
  8. What is the Glo customer service number?
    You can reach Glo customer service by dialing 121 or 200.
  9. How do I recharge my Glo line?
    To recharge your Glo line, dial 123 followed by your recharge PIN, then #.
  10. Can I use the same codes for prepaid and postpaid?
    Some codes work for both prepaid and postpaid, while others are unique to each. Always

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